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    • I am D. Sonu, originally from Delhi, but migrated to Borabanda, Hyderabad. I was in Don Bosco Navajeevan for 10 years. I would like to tell you something about myself.

      Now I am 25 years old. My father name is Vijay Singh, a Security Officer and my mother is Gita, House wife. I am the eldest among the two sons in our family. When I was very young my parents were caught of stealing in which I was also involved. And we had a very tough time to defend ourselves.

      After 5 months, my parents were divorced. I was living with my mother for a couple of months. Eventually, she abandoned me and I was left on the streets to fend for myself. I started working at mechanical shops, hotels, etc. for living. Once I was unfairly blamed for a theft. It was a humiliating experience and I left the job and became a vagabond until I met the staff of Don Bosco Navajeevan. Initially, it was very difficult to adjust to life at Navajeevan. I with stood the temptation to go back to the life on the streets. After three months of my stay at shelter, I was sent to school. Regarding my studies, I completed my 10th class. I am very much attracted to dance, and eventually, I want to become a professional dancer. Our director, Rev. Fr. Balashowry, shows lots of love and affection on all the children. In him, I find the lot of love and affection. All the staff is very helpful and encouraging. I am greatly indebted to them all and I would always remember them with gratitude and would always be associated with Don Bosco Navajeevan throughout my life.

      I loved a girl namely Sirisha and in the year 2008 I married her with the help of then DBNJ Director Fr. Balashowry and the staff. Now I have two girl children elder is year 5 years old, younger girl is 2 years and a baby boy of 3 months.

      With the help of Don Bosco Navajeevan I got a job in Little Flower Junior College as a Dance Master. I am also taking evening classes to outsiders, per month I am earning around Rs. 20,000. I am ever grateful to DBNJ for bringing out my talent and for encouraging me to come up in my life with my talent. I often visit to DBNJ with my family, spend some time with children encourage them to settle in their lives.

    • Kishore is a soft spoken young man who ran away from home in 1999 when he was 9 years old and stayed in streets, hostels and at last reached Don Bosco Navajeevan in 2003 a centre for Children from the Street at Hyderabad. He started as a printer cum binder; later he worked in the kitchen and the bakery. After he was confident in his work, decided to seek a job outside to eke out his livelihood and settle down in life. It was then that Fr. P.G. Francis, the Principal of the Technical School invited him to run the bakery. Kishore had worked earlier under a master baker and knew how to bake bread, biscuits and cakes, even try his hand at making puffs and samosas. But now he was being asked to be in- charge. He was just eighteen and to his own surprise he agreed to give try. From then on turning back in his career as a baker.

      For over a period of 18 months, Kishore managed the bakery efficiently. He was conscientious and reliable. He became very confident as a baker. He even decided to get a passport so that later on he could try his fortunes abroad. As he started making preparations to apply for the passport, the reality dawned on him with a bang. He had no proper certificates. He did not know the names of his father or mother. He had no surname. He ran from pillar to post to find a solution. It was around this time, on 7th February that he saw the movie, “Antwone Fisher”, the story of a young orphan boy in constant conflict, who decided to find his roots and succeeded. And his life was changed.

      Kishore was moved by the story. He too wanted to trace his roots. It was at this time that he met Mr. Paladugu Srinivas of the Dalit Bahujan Shramik Union who promised to accompany him to find his people. Unfortunately Srinivas was caught up with other works and had decided to join politics and seek his future to help him to find his people. This conversation affected Srinivas. He decided to join in the work for the social rehabilitation the children from the streets. He decided to start with Kishore.

      On the night of 23rd February Kishore left for his native village with Mr. Srinivas accompanying him. They took a bus to Giddalur, a little town ensconced in the Nallamala forests of Andhra Pradesh. They were in the town early in the morning. Seeking guidance from the local people they went Paluguntapalli. No sooner than they started asking questions, the people recognized Kishore. Their joy knew no bounds. They had declared him dead and now he had come back to them alive. He was lost and he had returned as a hero.

      Word spread very fast. The entire village gathered to meet Kishore. People thronged round Kishore’s house. Soon people started coming from the villages around. Kishore too could not contain his joy. He had thought he had no body, or that he would not be able to find any of them. He had been getting desperate. Now suddenly he found that he had a very large family that cared for him. By evening the press had turn up and later on the following day reports appeared in as many as five local news papers. 

    • A boy, who ran away from home at the age of 6, was handed over to the boy’s family members after ten years by Don Bosco Navajeevan, Secunderabad. Mr. Das and Anjamma have a called Naveen and a daughter lives in Janampet, Addakula in Mahaboobnagar district. Naveen’s mother died at his early age. Then his father got married another woman. As he was not taken care well at home, he ran away from home at the age of 6 and reached Hyderabad. While he was roaming on street, the police of Narayanaguda caught him and joined in an NGO in Narayanaguda. 

      After few months, he came out of the NGO as the Head of the institution died. In 2002, the staff of Don Bosco Navajeevan rescued him and provided shelter in Don Bosco Navajeevan since then. This year he has written his 10th class board exams. The Home integration team of Don Bosco Navajeevan has searched for his whereabouts and informed his details in Addakula police station recently. Based on the information, the family members of Naveen came to Don Bosco Navajeevan and found that Naveen is their family member. As Naveen’s father is working in another state his uncle (His father’s brother) came to Navajeevan and taken Naveen to his home on 23rd April, 2012. 

    • For the first time in the history of Don Bosco Navajeevan, Hyderabad, two of our boys, Shiva and Pavan, got selected for the coveted Andhra Pradesh Residential School (APRS) programme.  The entrance test conducted on April 27, 2014 was taken by five boys from Navajeevan, besides the thousands from the state. Securing this coveted admission, purely on the basis of their hard work, in spite of not having the best of education so far and the least of comforts, is what we congratulate them for.

      For the first time in the history of Don Bosco Navajeevan, a home for street involved children and young at Risk of Hyderabad, five of our children appeared for the selection exam conducted on 27th April 2014 of Andhra Pradesh Residential Schools admission Test. These schools are run by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the children who are economically poor but good in studies and selection is purely on the basis of merit.   

      In our first attempt itself two of our boys Master Shiva and Master Pavan residing in Don Bosco Rehabilitation Centre, Ramanthapur secured this coveted admission. Studying at the Zilla Parishat Elementary School, Ramanthapur and being qualified for the admission into A P Residential Schools under APREI Society, Hyderabad is the a great achievement. Master Shiva is given admission in APRS Vanasthalipuram in Hyderabad district and Master Pavan is given admission in APRS Keesaragutta, Ranga Reddy District. 

      By getting admission in AP Residential Schools, these boys are eligible for the following benefits: Free residential education from 5th to Intermediate, good training in spoken English, Sports and games training, integral formation, Yoga and meditation, dance and music, They are also prepared for the AP Competitive examination and are given EAMCET coaching, free medical aid, and other basic needs like clothes, shoes, tie, school bag, notebooks and text books. 

      We thank Fr. Ignatius Peyyala SDB, the Dean of Studies for taking the good initiative to encourage children to write these competitive exams and get selected for free education sponsored by the government of Andhra Pradesh.  Shiva and Pavan are now inspirational models for children in our centres to aim and strive for excellence 

    • Bala Krishna is one of the older boys in Don Bosco Navajeevan. Balakrishna is from Madurai in Tamilnadu. His father died when he was 10 years old. He has one elder sister and an elder brother. The age difference between the elder ones and Balakrishna is around 12 years. They have papad business in Madurai. His mother and his brother are looking after the business.

      The situation at home was strict and not so pleasant. At the age of 12 Balakrishna ran away from his elder brother who is 12 years older to him. The reasons were for being irregular to school and getting beatings from his elder brother and lack of support from his family members.

      He got into the train and landed up in Secunderabad railway station. He roamed around looking for something to eat. He does not know much Telugu. He was too small to do anything. He roamed here and there for his basic needs. He had nothing in the pocket. In five days he had one good meal, offered by a generous person who saw his pathetic condition. On the fifth day our Navajeen staff met him and invited him for food and shelter. He was asked by the staff that he could stay in the shelter and learn some handy works and sharpening Telugu language.  

      He is 20 years old today. As a boy he had learned lot from the Fathers and the Staff of Don Bosco Navajeevan. Balakrishna admired the patience of Fr. P.G. Francis, the Principal of the Technical School in Ramanthapur. “Who would allow him to keep shifting his training from trade to trade?” he says that he had trained his hands at Carpentry and Welding, but was not happy with either. He then allowed me to stay in Navajeevan and go out to learn motor-mechanics. In this way Balakrishna learned motor mechanics and he is now well settled in motor mechanic job.

      He shares that ‘Now I am happy, I completed that course, I work as an apprentice in a showroom of Hero Honda. Now I am earning Rs. 3,000/- per month. I will soon be a regular employee and earn more. What more could I ask for”.

    • I am Gajulavarthi Vishnu. I am from Gajwel which is in Medak District. My father’s name is Ramulu and my mother is Nagamani. We are three sons to our parents.

      My elder brother’s is Ravi my younger brother is Raju who is physically challenged. My family is a Very poor family struggled to get basic needs. My elder brother is the blood winner of the family as my father has no work. He used to just roam here and there. My mother is a house wife. My elder brother got married and got a son to Laxmi my sister in law.

      My family background is very pathetic. When my younger brother was born my parents were separated. The reasons were uncertain for me since I was small. My mother took us to Guntur. There she got married second time to my stepfather who is not so pleasant with me. He used to send me to work, used to beat me for any simple reasons. I was stopped going to the school. It was really tough for me to stay at home. So I decided to run away from home at the age of six. I got in to the train in Guntur and got down in Secunderabad station and not knowing what to do, one side frustration and the other side empty stomach. Then I saw Ganapathi temple in Secunderabad. There they were giving food. I also joined them for food. I filled my stomach. They provided me food for my survival for one day. Then one of the staff members from Don Bosco Navajeevan Mr. Kumar brought me to the hostel.

      In Navajeevan I stayed for one month in shelter and then I was sent to school to study 4th class but I did not like to stay in hostel so I ran away from here to other hostel at west Marredpalli named “home three” where anybody can stay and work and then come back for stay. Here I stayed for two days and worked as paper selling boy at road signals. But I thought that Navajeevan is the real home for me, so again I came back by myself. It was in the year 2000 the fathers and staff in Navajeevan welcomed me with kind heart. Always I found love and concern for me. They loved me more than my family members. I thought it is my privilege to be here. I finished my tenth class though I am poor in my studies. From 2000 till now Don Bosco Navajeevan is my home.

      Now I am planning to do my open degree. Here in Don Bosco Navajeevan I am really encouraged to develop my talents. Since I am good at dance I have improved in this skill. Now I became a professional choreographer. Now I go to teach in other schools and home tuitions. Now I am a staff in Don Bosco Navajeevan as choreographer. This also helps me to encourage my little friends in Navajeevan to realize their dreams. My main aim is to become a good choreographer. 

    • Vaaka Gopi Krishna was rescued at the age of 13 years by Fr. Rector near Secunderabad Railway Station in the year 2002 while he was working in Hotel in front of Secunderabad Railway Station. Because of the family problems and disputes he ran away from home town Pedda kakani village and Mandal in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh and started working in a Hotel. He stayed more than one month in New Bhoiguda Centre. After preliminary observations at shelter he was transferred to Don Bosco Navjeevan Rehabilitation centre, Ramanthapur for his further studies. He successfully completed his 7th – 10th classes in Christ the King School in Ramanthapur.

       Later years the staff of Don Bosco Navajeevan traced the whereabouts of Gopi and informed the parents. He left Don Bosco Navajeevan with permission at the age of 17 years in the year 2006 to attend his elder sister’s marriage. While he was at home, he saw an advertisement in news paper and applied for the post in Indian Army and got selected in 2007 and went to Bangalore for his training.

      At present, he is working in Jammu & Kashmir as a Major cadre. He is earning more than 50, 000/- and supporting his family. He is very much thankful to the management and staff of Don Bosco Navajeevan as he got a good life and a successful career. 



      Name:   Vaaka Gopi Krishna         Mother’s Name:    Kumari

      Father’s Name:   Somaiah         Elder Sister:  Lalitha

      Younger Sister:  Pravallika

      Address: Peddakakani(Village&Mandal) Guntur District

      Contact No’s: 08463931308(J&K) 7207774347 (Andhra Pradesh). 

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