• About DBNJ
    • The story of Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, Secunderabad, began very early after the second provincial chapter of the St. Joseph’s province of Hyderabad in 1996, brought forth deliberations to launch new ventures for the welfare of street children in the cities Hyderabad and Viskhapatnam. This good aspiration of the Salesians was further strengthened by the excellent work being done for street children in Vijayawada by the Salesians of Don Bosco.

      In April 1998, the Salesian Provincial Council took the sagacious decision of first starting a project for street children in Hyderabad; it being the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, and only later Vishakapatnam. They appointed Fr. Maddichetty Noel to spearhead this mission. He was sent to BIRDY (Bosco Institute of Research and Development for Youth) to begin the work while also animating some of their programmes. Thus began Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, a “project for children and youth at risk”.

      It was a very uphill task to find suitable premises to establish Don Bosco Navajeevan, Secunderabad. After months of searching, a three storied building was rented and by June 15th, 1999 the boys moved in to their new home and work began in a more systematic manner. We still thought to have our own infrastructure instead of being in a rented building. Again after months of search we found a three floor building near to the Secunderabad railway station and made the final agreement to purchase the same in the month of March 2000. Now the reconstruction of the building is finished and the building was inaugurated on 24th April 2001 by Sri. Devender Goud, Honourable Home Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh. This would be our contact centre and the round the clock shelter for street and working children.

      In the year 2001 May, Fr. Gopu Anand was appointed as the Director of the centre under whose guidance the Navajeevan has developed into five active centres. In the year 2007 May, Fr. Salibindla Balashowry was appointed as the Director initiated many activities and spread the services of DBNJ to slums and neighbourhood. The present Director is Fr. Bellamkonda Sudhakar appointed in June, 2013.

  • Chronological List of Foundations Of DBNJ, Hyderabad
    • 1996 Provincial Chapter passes a resolution to initiate work for street children at Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam
      1999 Shelter at Regimental Bazar (Round the Clock Shelter) (Shifted to Bhoiguda) initiated by Fr. Noel Maddichetty, sdb
      2001 Fr. Gopu Anand appointed as Incharge
      2001 Shelter at Bhoiguda (Round the Clock Shelter)
      2002 Foundation stone laid for Rehabilitation centre at Ramanthapur (Formal & Non-Formal Education)
      2003 Navajeevan homes at Ramanthapur (Residence for the Boys)
      003 2Navajeevan Salesian Residence at Ramanthapur.
      2004 The community was canonically erected on 18th June, 2004 and Fr. Gopu Anand appointed as the first Rector of DBNJ centres, Hyderabad
      2004 Inauguration and Blessing of Vocational Training Centre at Ramanthapur.
      Trades offered
      1. Carpentry
      2. Welding
      3. Tailoring
      4. Motor Mechanics & Driving
      5. Printing & Book Binding
      6. Electrician
      7. Bakery
      2004 Career guidance and job placement centre at New Bhoiguda The Don Bosco Yuvaniketan created a Job Placement center to offer placement services to all the young at risk of all our centres. As they gain new life of love and compassion through the process of counselling at the child friendly centres namely Secunderabad and Nampally, they start living to work for their good and for the good of the society.
      2004 Community hall at Ramanthapur (Consists of Infirmary, Multi-purpose Hall, Re- orientation, Music & Dance Room and Children's Library).
      2005 Shelter at Nampally (Round the Clock Shelter)
      2005 Shelter at Kachiguda (Round the Clock Shelter)
      2005 Province level YaR (Young at Risk) day was celebrated at Ramanthapur.
      2006 Visit of Rector Major and formation of the Peer Leaders Group.
      2006 Transit Home for Children at Nampally in collaboration with ILO and NCLP (Rehabilitation of Child Labourers)
      2007 Blessing of Vidyaniketan: Home for School going Children at Pragatinagar
      2007 Community Centre: Skill training to the neighboring youth (Tailoring, Computers, Spoken English, Catering and Music)
      2007 Fr. Balashowry Salibindla was appointed as Rector
      2008 - Don Bosco Psycho-Social Services, a counseling centre initiated at Ramanthapur for Children
      2008 Province centre OOTA (Wellsprings) shifted to Ramanthapur as independent institute.
      2009 Formation of Child Rights and Justice Forum for Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Districts with 21 NGOs as members in the Forum.
      2010 Slum ministry initiated in 4 slums in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Districts.
      2011 Collaborated with RVM (SSA) to run RSTCs in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Centres
      2012 Upgradation of Printing Press into Four Colour Printing Technology
      2012 Initiation of Local Resource Mobilization Team.
      2012 120 children received Orphan Certificates from Government of A.P. as per G.O. No. 47
      2012 DBNJ approved Child Protection Policy and all the employees signed on policy agreed to abide the rules and regulations according to policy in protecting child rights.
      2013 Establishment of Computer Lab to provide computer training to inmates at DBNJ and for neighborhood
      2013 Setup of Machine Embroidery Section to provide training for neighborhood youth.
      2013 Don Bosco Navajeevan is given license from Women and Child Welfare Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh as per the GO No. 30.
      2013 Formation of Child Safety Net
      2013 Homelink Hub shifted from Navajeevan, Vijayawada to DBNJ, Ramanthapur.
      2014 Open 10th for Technical School Children
      2015 Girls Home at Don Bosco Prem Seva Sadan at Haythnagar, Hyderabad
      2015 Chiild Line 1098 COLLAB, Ranga Reddy District Urban area

      Modern Computer Lab at Girls homes, Hayathnagar

      Solar Hot water system in all the DBNJ homes, Hyderabad


      Nodel organization to lead "Destination unknown" Campaign in Telangana State

      11 kv Solar Power unit intallation in Hayathanagar, New Bhoiguda and Nampally

      2018     30kv Solar Power unit installation at DBNJ, Ramanthapur

  • DBNJ Management Team

      S. No Name Designation
      01 Fr. Bellamkonda Sudhakar  Director
      02 Fr. James Chervuthur Adminstrator & Dean of Studies
      03 Fr. Gnanapragasam Asst. Director & Workshop Manager
      04 Fr Vinod HGN HGN Congregation & Teacher
      05 Cl. Prem Warden
      06 Cl. Rajeev Student


  • Staff Information
    • S.No Name Designation Department Branch
      01 Mr Prabhakar K Project Manager Administration All Braches
      02 Mr Raja Reddy Prog. Manager Administration New Bhoiguda
      03 Mr, Sravan Street Coordinator Administration New Bhoiguda
      04 Sr. Victoria IC&Street C'nator Adminstration Nampally
      05 Mrs. Jacintha Resource Mobilizer Administration New Bhoiguda
      06 Sr. Valsa IC- DBPSS Administration Vanasthalipuram
      07 Mrs.Anna Mani Receptionist Documentation New Bhoiguda
      08 Mrs. Rojamani Shetler Teacher Documentation New Bhoiguda
      09 Mrs.Lavanyavathi Street Edu.& CWC Documentation New Bhoiguda
      10 Mrs. Shoba Street Educator Documentation New Bhoiguda
      11 Mrs. Sarada Street Educator Documentation New Bhoiguda
      12 Sr Vanitha Street E.& warden Documentation Nampally
      13 Mr Durga Street Educator Documentation New Bhoiguda
      14 Mr. Yadaiah Street Educator Documentation New Bhoiguda
      15 Mr. Marian Street Educator Documentation New Bhoiguda
      16 Mr Vasu NOD incharge Documentation New Bhoiguda
      17 Mr Jayanna Driver Administration New Bhoiguda
      18 Bro. Santan Warden Administration New Bhoiguda
      19 Mrs. Venkalaxmi Asst. Cook Administration New Bhoiguda
      20 Mrs. Sunitha Asst. Cook Administration New Bhoiguda
      21 Mrs. Mary Asst. Cook Administration Nampally
      22 Mrs. Jyothi Asst. Docm'tation Documentation Ramanthapur
      23 Mr. Royal Hub Coordinaor Documentation Ramanthapur
      24 Mr. Harish DTP Designer N F T Sch- Press Ramanthapur
      25 Mr. Pandu Helper to Warden Administratration Nampally
      26 Mrs Padma Asst. Cook Administration Vanasthalipuram
      27 Mr. Sunitha Tailoring Teacher NFT - Tailoring Vanasthalipuram
      28 Mrs. Nirmala DTP Operator & Proof Reader NFT Sch - Press Ramanthapur
      29 Bro. John Warden & Teacher Administration Ramanthapur
      30 Mr Samy Warden & Teacher Administration Ramanthapur
      31 Mr Pranay Warden & Teacher Administration Ramanthapur
      32 Mrs. Anitha Bridge School Teacher Documentation Ramanthapur
      33 Mr. Kishore Baker & Instructor NFT Sch - Bakery Ramanthapur
      34 Mr Sahayaraju Welder & Instructor NFT Sch-Welding Ramanthapur
      35 Mr Gnaneswar Driver Administration Vanasthalipuram
      36 Mr. Donbai Welder NFT Sch-Welding Ramanthapur
      37 Mr. Sreenu Carpentar & Instructor NFTScl-Carpentary Ramanthapur
      38 Mrs. Vani Tailoring Instructor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      39 Mr. Balu Carpentar NFTScl-Carpentary Ramanthapur
      40 Mr. Balaswamy Electrician NFTSc - Electricals Ramanthapur
      41 Ms. Valsa Counsellor Documentation Ramanthapur
      42 Mrs. Laxmi Care Mother Administrator Ramanthapur
      43 Mr. Ajit Store Keeper NFT School Ramanthapur
      44 Harikanth Cutting Master - Tailoring NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      45 Mr. Joshua Driver N F T School Ramanthapur
      46 Mrs Jojamma Nurse Administration All Branches
      47 Mrs. Madavi Tailor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      48 Mrs. Manjula Tailor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      49 Mrs. Shantilatha Tailor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      50 Mrs.Dhanalakxmi Tailor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      51 Mrs.Venkatalakxmi Tailor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      52 Mrs. Sabina Tailor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      53 Mr. Srinvas Tailor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      54 Mrs. Parvathi Tailor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      55 Mr. Madhavi Tailor NFTSch - Tailoring Ramanthapur
      56 Mrs. Fathima Asst. Cook Administration Ramanthapur
      57 Mrs. Radhika Helper to Asst. Cook Administration Ramanthapur
      58 Mrs.Sundharamma Helper to Asst. Cook Administration Ramanthapur
      59 Mr Joseph IC - Hospitality Hospitality Ramanthapur
      60 Mrs. Kumari Helper - Hospitality Hospitality Ramanthapur
      61 Mrs. Varalakxmi Helper - Hospitality Hospitality Ramanthapur
      62 Mr Santosh Coordinator Childline Ramanthapur
      63 Mr Swamy Team Leader Childline Ramanthapur
      64 Mr Subash Team Leader Childline Ramanthapur
      65 Mr Harikrishna Team Leader Childline Ramanthapur
      66 Mr Trirumalara Team Leader Childline Ramanthapur
      67 Ms Joshna Team Leader Childline Ramanthapur
      68 Ms Soujanya Team Leader Childline Ramanthapur
      69 Ms Suvarna Counsellor Childline Ramanthapur
      70 Mrs Anuradha Volunteer Childline Ramanthapur