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Born to Serve

Ramanthapur June 20: “Here in your midst I feel completely at home, for me living is being with you” are the precious words of Don Bosco to his children and now we at Navajeevan feel the same with our beloved Rector especially on the day of gift of his life.

Birth day celebrations of DBNJ Centres Director Fr. Sudhakar went on in a lively sprit. Fr. Sudhakar donning the fatherly figure of the institution and on completion of the 45 year of his birth, celebrations hit heights of sky in all the centers of DBNJ from dawn to dusk.

Providentially being the beginning of the academic year all the students and staff took their own time of preparations and in greeting him in very creative manner.

He is known for his fatherliness with friendliness and his caliber and dynamism are the strengths of his leaderships   in animating the huge institution having four centers situated at different places. He managed his time so perfectly in visiting all the centers i.e. New Bhoiguda, Nampally, Ramanthapur & Hayathnagar and at the same taking part in all civil meetings concerning the children and also not forgetting to attend the requirements of children and staff.

In his speech during the program he said that it’s been a greatest pleasure of working in Navajeevan especially his enthusiasm boosts up when I see you all your eagerness to achieve in life, the very existence of you here makes me work hard with the cooperation of other staff.

The wide spectrum of winning ways he possess, can be summed up in  ‘exemplary life with simplicity’, all though he is the director of these institutions, still he is the man of down to earth leading very ordinary life but with great visions in mind for youth around.

His belief in investing his talents and abilities for the common good of the children is commendable. And it is very vividly witnessed by all present here from last four years that his way of organization shows his leadership style.

In the evening a family game brought once again everyone together where birthday baby himself was center of attraction along with the children, under the dazzling lights of the stage a well framed and practiced cultural items became things of admiration from the side the boys. Sumptuous meals satiated the hungry taste buds of the children after which they went back to their nests remembering the day’s merriment.