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Picnic with Seminar on “Perspective on Children Issues”

Vikarabad Feb. 21: On 20 February 2016 was a memorable day in the history of Don Bosco Navajeevan where all the staff of New Bhoiguda, Nampally and Haythnagar homes has planned for a picnic to Vikarabad in Ranga Reddy District. To make it different and meaningful picnic and to make it a learning experience, the volunteers Ms. Sanne and Ms. Camille from SAMEN, Holland came forward to organize a seminar on “Perspective on Children Issues”.

The workshop was well organized as we saw their preparation and planning for the staff to make recollect their mission and vision in rehabilitating the street children. To begin, Ms. Camille and Ms. Sanne divided the group (Staff of New Bhoiguda, Nampally and Hayathnagar) into two groups after the introduction of each and every one. The groups were given to write the most important things to do when the child comes to DBNJ shelter. We were all given stationary materials and discussed in details to prioritize the most important things to meet for the wellness of child when he reaches to DBNJ.

Both the groups were excellent in listing out the most important things and there was bit difficult in prioritizing as everything is important. It was good to see that everybody in the group shared their views and shared their experiences. Later the groups were invited to present their perspective, their experiences and most important things for a child needed most. Both the groups presented well and the volunteers invited others to ask any questions if they have. It was a group work and shared very well for the betterment of the child.

After a small break, the staffs were divided into four groups and this time given 6 questions each and asked to write what we think is the most important and needed for the child to grow in good environment and to make him happier. The groups discussed in detail and everybody involved in sharing their experiences. The groups have mentioned all the required things and presented as question after question so as to make clearer about the questions and everybody to make better understanding.

It was altogether a great experience and interactive workshop where everybody took an active participation. Thanks to the volunteers and Semen for organizing such a workshop for the staff to recollect their activities and their daily regular work. The workshop got concluded at 3pm. All the staff members thanked the volunteers for taking such initiative, planning and time.