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Child Protection: Responsibility of every citizen

Ramanthapur, Aug. 6: All the members of Child Protection Committees (CPC) of New Bhoiguda, Nampally and Ramanthapur for the year 2014-15 were present along with newly appointed members for the year 2015-16 and newly constituted members of DBPSS, Haythnagar. Formation CPC began last year. In certain extend, it worked out well for the children to express themselves and find a solution for some their problems. This programme we have organized on 6th August 2015 on the Birthday of T D John.

Under the chairmanship of Fr. Bellamkonda Sudhakar, Director of Don Bosco Navajeevan Homes in twin cities the committees were formed, namely Mrs Jeevan Jyothi and Ajith for Don Bosco Rehabilitation Centre, Ramanthapur, Sr. Victoria and Yadaiah for Don Bosco Navajeeva, Nampally, Mrs Rojamani and Vasu for Don Bosco Navajeevan, New Bhoiguda and Sr. Valsa and Fr Philip for Don Bosco Prem Seva Sadan, Home for girl children, Haythnagar. Fr. T.D John will continue to support with his valuable suggestions.

Fr. Sudhakar welcomed all the members of committees and briefed about the background of the Child Protection Committee. He also thanked the outgoing members of committees for their services and time as child protection committee members. In continuation, he said that the previous committee members were able to meet only twice for the past year due to other technical problems. But these members who were elected for the year 2015-16 will be meeting once in a month in their respective centres and once in two months all members of different committees will meet regularly on first Thursday of the month. The suggestion box as set up in Ramanthapur, similarly will be setting in all our homes, i.e., New Bhoiguda, Nampally and Haythnagar centres. The suggestions that were in Ramanthapur centre were solved and taken into consideration.

Fr. T D John read the document “code of conduct” for the members of committees and insisted to follow the rules. He had gone through the document as point by point and so as to make everybody to understand. Fr. Sudhakar asked for further suggestions and reviews and it was decided that there will be plan of action to be ready by the next meeting. There was discussion on Children clubs and plan for the clubs to be formed in all the centres will be taken into consideration and plan will be ready by next meeting. We continued to celebrate the Birthday of TD John with children and staff at Ramanthapur.