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Fr. Angel: Living Don Bosco amidst us

Ramanthapur Nov. 17: The community, staff and students of Don Bosco Navajeevan homes of Twin Cities of is indeed a blessed and fortunate enough to welcome our beloved Rector Major Fr. Angel Fernandez Arthime SDB, 10th successor of Don Bosco. to Valdocco of Province of St. Joseph Hyderabad

It was  a an august welcome to him, the campus  was thronged with youth from all the presences of Salesian Province of Hyderabad,  the preparations to welcome him were done in   pomp  manner and youth couldn’t  control the excitement to see him entering in to the DBNJRC, Ramanthapur, campus.

Together with the provincial council the young priests made sure that various groups of ushers were kept ready to welcome him starting with blasting trumpets of band by Navajeevan boys and followed by traditional dances of the girls and boys which depicted local culture.

Fr. Angel the Rector Major was so delighted that with wide open arms he accepted our welcome saying “Namaskaram”, and it was enthralling moment to see the escorted girls showering the petals of rain till he reached the podium amidst the thunderous claps and shouts with standing ovation.

After the formal welcome by the provincial to Rector Major with turban, garland he said that we are fortunate to have you and the very presence of these many youngsters is sign that we love Don Bosco very much.

Rector Major Fr. Angel in his address to youth said that I am very much delighted to see lots of youngsters who are filled with bubbling energy and life. He also said that for every Salesian house life means nothing but the presence of youngsters. I congratulate you all for loving Don Bosco who dreamt to be with you at all the time.

It was most cherishing moments for the community of DBNJ homes, at 3.30pm our Beloved Rector Major spent short time with the inmates of DBNJ community, while addressing them all he said that it is the most sort after mission of Don Bosco and I appreciate and congratulate the Salesian community for accompanying them when they are in need of our services and preparing them to be honest citizens of this nation.

At 4pm there was meeting of Salesian Family members, cooperators and past pupils. Good number of the Salesian family members attended the meeting. While congratulating for being part of Salesian family and he asked them to continue to support one another in carrying out mission of our father and founder Don Bosco. He is the source of our meeting today.

During setting hours of the day there was Holy Eucharistic celebrations presided over by our Beloved Rector Major, Salesians and Priests from our neighbouring institutes.  In his message he said that let us live the life Christ fully because he loved us so much and he died for us to live like Him. During the Holy Eucharist 33 new Cooperators made a promise as full pledged Salesian Cooperators. To all the newly professed Cooperators as he welcomed, he also handed over copy of the Don Bosco life journey in Telugu. Melodious

Singing added special flavor to Mass which helped faithful to deeply-rooted in prayer.

After the mass there was eye feasting cultural program by all the youth groups from different centers, as part of it there was felicitations to various dignitaries and to cooperators and benefactors too. The long day and night ended with the sharing of the fraternal meal.