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  • Solar Power Project, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad
    • The present proposal is setup of a Solar based power project at Don Bosco Navajeevan Rehabilitation Centre, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad. This project will stabilize our Vocational training centre and mitigate power problems through alternative solar power. This will help youth to acquire knowledge on various training programmes through interactive sessions with resource persons in the centre. This will help youth to unleash their hidden potential to make a living.

      In our power deficit world, it is important to conserve our mother nature and to maintain it in its pristine form. With the onset of increased pace of depletion of our natural resources, it is imminent that we make use of the non conventional sources of energy and preserve our reserves for the future. Sour developmental model is one that should meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

  • Medical Care for the Street involved Children and Working Children
    • The present proposal towards medical assistance for the Children at Don Bosco Navajeevan Centres. The medical department is also has a role of maintaining constant vigil to meet each child in the shelter and in the city backyard - the street. He/she is met at whatever state he/she is in, friendship is elicited and hope is provided that he/she will be supported to build up the future life by medical department building rapport with children.

      With the above concept developed, the strategic move of DBNJ has been to ensure its Medical Assistance in 3 DBNJ centres, street children contact points and slums - where the most intense  inflow points of stray children as well as the converging points of already existing street children. A booth is set up in each of these locations and competent staff (‘Street Educators’) works in each booth to identify, counsel and rescue each and every street child who are encountered during their vigil.

      Over the years, the ‘Street Presence’ and medical assistance intervention has yielded tangible positive results. The very fact that 1,200 street children were encountered, rescued and medical assistance was provided, these intervention during the current year itself prove the effectiveness of the strategic conceptual approach. However, due to financial constraints, DBNJ could not implement this programme to its full potential. 

  • Re-uniting child with his family
    • Home placement is the primary objective of NAVAJEEVAN (New Life). NAVAJEVAN believes that the Child belongs to his home and that is where the children can grow up best.  Family is the smallest social unit in the society and it is here that a child acquires the skills necessary to lead a fulfilling adult life. Home placement is the process of reinstating the children back in their homes as soon as it may be possible which a goal that NAVAJEEVAN pursues with intent is. Familial ties further give a child his/her identity and are the bonds that offer him the security to live in the larger world. Children are run away or discarded from homes for diverse reasons. In the intervening time NAVAJEEVAN absorbs them in the interim for a period of time that may be necessary and that depends on the specific needs of the individual. 

  • Medical Care for the Street involved Children and Working Children
    • The present proposal is setup a Girls Hostel for Underprivileged girl children, school dropouts, begging children, orphans, child labour etc. and other Girls at Risk. Don Bosco Navajeevan in Hyderabad has experience of 15 years in rescue and rehabilitation of children and youth at risk. Till now we have facilities for boy children only, whenever we rescue girl children, we refer to other girl homes.

      We are inspired to start a centre for girls as per the recommendations and results given by RAS (Rapid Assessment Survey) research team conducted in May, 2013. The situation of the girls is more vulnerable than boys. As per survey, there were 1797 street involved children (based on head count) in Hyderabad city. Of this, there were 1427 boys and 370 girls, i.e. more than 20% are girls. Hence, we found the necessity to start a home for girls in the city of Hyderabad.

  • Awareness Programme for the Welfare of Street invovled Children & Working youth