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DBNJ Homes, July 9: Living and working together is fundamental criteria for us as Salesians, which our staff members realized very well without even knowing about Constitution of Salesians. It is grace filled moment to celebrate DBNJ FAMILY DAY (Kutumbostavam) at Ramanthapur, New Bhoiguda and Nampally on 9th July 2016. It is the initiative of our staff to celebrate Impact day in other word Kutumbostavam (in Telugu) as they realized the way they are treated like a family members in our Community. They took the initiative to animate the day’s gala or celebrations.

Starting with inauguration in all three centres where staff expressed their sentiments of love to the institution, family treatment by the community members and home atmosphere during the work hours is so enriching part of their life time jobs. Ms. Fathima who has been serving the community as a cook for past twenty years said in her sharing that she never felt like away from the home because of family spirit that prevailed in the institutions of Don Bosco Navajeevan. Children from their part of sharing expressed their views towards the staff and the community.  S. Naveen who is apprentice in carpentry said he felt completely at home by the follow up and personal care of the fathers, brothers, sisters, volunteers and staff even though he ran away number of times.

To build up the family spirit, games were conducted to create the ambience of one family and to make them to realize that we can go and grow only when we are together; latter for ladies staff alone our country’s popular game Kabadi was organized in which they captured the attention of the spectators with their hidden talents. Where as in other centres, games were organized for children and given prizes for their talent. The staff has divided in to two groups to engage the children. It was nice to see that the staff involved in their fullest in each and every activity that they get involved.

Family meal was the center of love in showing their closeness to one another and our staff members showed it perfectly by cooking with their own hands in which all had share of contribution for the days delicious meals which satisfied the taste buds of our boys especially along with the staff.

They called it an Impact Day / Kutumbostavam by thanking and appreciating one another for their contribution and relationship to live and work like one family under to the roof of Don Bosco Navajeevan.