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IPL Sun Risers team Players with the playful DBNJ Cricket toddlers

Ramanthapur, April 14: Cricket is the hot topic of discussion everywhere and by everyone as the IPL started off, without the age difference cricket is the game which glues every Indian to TV set as we are dying fans of cricket.  Three cricket players belong to the SUN RISERS Team, namely, Moises Henriques, Musthafizur Rahaman, Karan Sharam owned by the SUN Network visited DBNJ. Ramanthapur at the twilight hours of the Thursday 14th April 2016.Our children greeted them with standing ovation of colouring petals of smiles on their milky faces.  For Don Bosco Navajeevan boys certainly this will be another unforgettable day as they are fortune  to meet their own favourite cricket celebrities  through the collaboration of SUN  Network ( Gemini and Kushi Channels), Chennai.

The Director of Don Bosco Navajeevan Homes in Twin Cities Fr Bellamkond Sudhakar welcomed them on behalf of Navajeevan Family and explained to them in brief various services and trainings we provide in our homes and in particular he mentioned about CHILDLINE - 1098 that we run for Rangareddy 24x7 to help children who are in need of care and protection. He also said the utmost priority of Navajeevan is to  reintegrate the children with their biological family. In a special way he also thanked SUN NET WORK who are instrumental for coordinating this mega programme with Navajeevan.

The two and half hours of time that they spent at Don Bosco Navajeevan was a moment of thrill and spectacular, in spite of their tiredness of practice in the scorching heat, Orange Army players made our children enthusiastic with their interaction, fun and play. They invited the children to take part in the dance, singing and playing. Telugu film dialogues which were said by them enthused our children with laughter. Though they are center of attraction of the day but still they gave preference to the kids to be the lime light of the show. Finally they distributed sparkling gifts to the children as token of love from them that which made the kids to feel their brotherliness with them.

Being busy with other schedules of the Management three celebrities of the day bid farewell to Navajeevan and shook hands with all the children. As they took leave of us, children shouted with full energy “SUN RISERS –ALL THE BEST” or ORANGE ARMY-ALL THE BEST. After they left Kushi TV celebrities also entertained our children with games and dances. They also distributed gifts for the winners. All through the progamme all the kids were joyful.

As the news was spread around the streets of Ramanthapur many youngsters flocked in to the Navajeevan Campus, to get the glimpse of celebrities and they even thronged on to the stage to get selfies with players. Finally the Sun network TV channel mesmerized our children with delicious sponsored meals which our children feasted till their satisfaction.