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COMMUNITY is our Business: the CSR theme of Deloitte

Hyderabad & Secunderabad Nov. 27: Employees of Deloitte organize IMPACT Day on 27th November 2015 annually with well prepared plans, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility reaching out to different communities and organizations who are working on different social issues and concerns especially for children. Employees of Deloitte lead by Ms. Rajitha, Mr. Sharan and Mr. Sekhar led their fellow employees to Don Bosco Navajeevan homes located at  Ramanthapur, New Bhoiguda and Nampally respectively and spent a fruitful day along with children. Girls from our Don Bosco Prem Seva Sadam, Haythanagar joined at New Bhoiguda to have maiden experience of Impact day organized by Deloitte. 

Twenty employees each visited our homes and organized different competitions like drawing, singing, quiz, one minute competitions, flowering making etc. children actively participated in all the activities with the help of these employees. Children also got surprise gifts for the winners of different competitions which made children very happy. Fr Sudhakar, Director visited all three homes and met all the employ-volunteers and thanked them for sparing their time and coming spending their precious time with our children and also for their plan meticulous plan for the event much ahead of time. He also mentioned that Deloitte has been long standing benefactor of Don Bosco Navajeevan. Director in Particularly asked them to THANK head of the Deloitte company for taking up such

The employees also met some of the requirements of Don Bosco Navajeevan homes which are useful in day to day running of the homes. They have also sponsored lunch for all the children and staff and some place they also shared meals after serving to all the inmates. Deloitte being one of our major sponsors made the day delightful and made our children to remember for very long time for their initiatives and enthusiasm shown will be there forever. We as Don Bosco Navajeevan family would like to THANK each and every one of Deloitte for their contributions and time. The programme concluded by 4pm.