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Ramanthapur (Hyderabad) Nov. 15: Children’s day became notable event of the month in the chronicles of Don Bosco Navajeevan homes, Hyderabad.   Don Bosco Navajeevan, Ramanthapur campus once again filled with echoes of joy of children.  Having the theme “My Right to Family” as center of our celebrations and marking second day of our week long celebration of CHILD RIGHTS along with the CHILDLINE and DBNJ Homes. Boys and girls from four of our centres gathered to celebrate annual mela with the theme “My Right to family”, with the idea of concluding it on the apt day of International Children’s day  which would fall on 20th November.

We were honoured to have Ms. PADMAVATHI the Chairwomen of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Rangareddy as the chief guest of the day.  She enlightened the children from the vast knowledge that she has about the children. She brushed the children’s knowledge by asking what are the basic rights (Right to Survival, Right to Development, Right to Protection & Right to Participate) of children, and she was amazed to see children responding so promptly for her questions, their   quick response made her to think that these children are well aware of their rights as though they are on their fingertips. (Not to mention we organized presentation of Child Protection of Policy 26th August to 6th September to bring awareness in them about their rights it was organized by Fr. TD. John for both children and staff of Navajeevan.)

Prior to it Fr. Bellamkonda Sudhakar, Director of Don Bosco Navajeevan homes in Twin Cities in his welcoming words  brought to the notice of gathering the inner meaning of FAMILY as National YaR Forum  marks the year as MY RIGHT TO FAMILY. He said FAMILY means Father and Mother I Love You. Its every child’s right to have a family, a family that loves the child unconditionally, it is same with Don Bosco Navajeevan family here we give all our energies and time to make the child feel that he or she  is loved and accepted. He also in gist explained about week-long events that are planned during this celebration of Child Rights. This year’s celebrations has two important things activities commenced this year, namely; starting of Girls homes at Haythanagar (July 2015) a d CHILDLINE, Rangareddy District Urban (August 2015).

Most touching programme was felicitating representatives and senior most students from four of our homes. Among them there are three boys and a girl (Mr. Madar Vali (New Bhoiguda), Master T. Raju (Ramanthapur), Master John (Nampally) and Baby Ashwani (Haythnagar) from each centre along with the chief guest as a sign that children are our everyday guests and they are centre of all our activities.

Children from four centres (New Bhoiguda, Namapally, Haythnagar and Ramanthapur) stood as centre of attraction of the day with their mesmerizing performance on the stage with the rocking steps, more especially the mime dance of New Bhoiguda boys became the heart capturing item of the programme.

After the cultural gathering there was signature ceremony, which was organized by Childline staff of Rangareddy District Urban. They invited all the guests, elders and children to leave their autograph on the banner having heading as “CHILD Dosti”. All the children thronged to take part enthusiastically. To sum the matter the day became another unforgettable one for every one.