Wish you happy birthday Mr Rakesh, our donor            


Ramanthapur Nov. 7: A group of 20 youngsters from Accenture company spend entire day on 7th November 2015 with the inmates of  Don Bosco Navajeevan Rehabilitation Centre, Ramanthapur  to bring the hues of smile on the faces of faded  petals of blooming buds of  our house. Indeed it was blissful occasion for the children to fly high to skies with beam of smiles on their faces forgetting themselves of their past. It is indeed very much true in the case of Accenture company employs who came to brighten the day of our children through their visit. The words of Richelle E. Goodrich is apt for the occasion “Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day.” 

Children gave a warm welcome to them  with  blasts of the trumpets  and sweet melodious  welcome song,  after which they surprised them with  short informal amazing show  of cultural programme for  which they are taken up very much for the outstanding talents that each child has in him.  Fr. Bellamkonda Sudhakar the Director of the institute said in his welcome words that Don Bosco Navajeevan, Ramanthapur owes much to the Accenture employees for their generous collaboration from past three years unceasingly in many ways. He continued saying when there are people like them who come forward to give their helping hand we march ahead collapsing the boundaries of the limitations to the well being of every boy with passionate heart like Don Bosco.

Diwali is the feast which brings joy and happiness to every one’s life and so they to want see our children on heights of joy and happiness  henceforth they conducted various events to bring out the talents from the children. They divide the children in to three groups (Primary children, school going children and trade boys) and they conducted outdoor games and took part in themselves during which they had fun and enjoyment forgetting themselves like the child forgetting  himself in the world of his play.  After long time of play in scorching sun at 1.00pm they felt rates are running up and down in their stomachs so it was time to treat themselves with delicious meals which was also sponsored by Accenture Team.

Before their departure they unwrapped shining gifts and handed over to the winners of each competition. Accenture employees will be always remain in our heart because of your generous deeds …Millions of Thanks, are sentimental expressive words of our children as they took leave of us.