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WE CARE FOR YOU: Manav-Mitra & Lions Club Organize Medical Camp

Ramanthapur Sep. 06: Member of Manava Mitra in co -ordination with Lions club organized a one day free medical camp  at Don Bosco Navajeevan, Ramanthapur, on 6th September, 2015. The health camp was organized with the objectives of providing free medical examination/check-up and making the children to be aware of hygiene in their life. Boys and Girls from all the four homes were gathered at Ramanthapur, nearly 300 of them got treatment in the camp.

The event started with an inaugural ceremony during which our boys welcomed the guests and medical crew with thunderous blasts of the trumpets.  Fr. Bellamkonda Sudhakar, Director of the institute expressed his heartfelt appreciations to the members of the Manav- Mitra and Lions Club for taking initiative to come over and organize a fee medical camp in our camp. He also explained to them how Don Bosco fathers and brothers have been rendering their services for the welfare of the children who need care and protection in Twin Cities.

As it is said health is wealth, but now a day’s thinking of going to hospital itself makes us sick. In other words it is very expensive. It is not only a routine check up but they promised us that they will find some donor for those boys and girls who require spectacles and will have follow up camp after eight months.  

Mr. Ramakrishana Raj, member of the Lions club said that he is overwhelmed and feeling at home to see the so many children  at Don Bosco Navajeevan . He also said that it is not a Orphanage but it’s a ANANDA NILAYAM because all the children are found with lot of happiness on their faces and he expressed his kudos for the staff of Don Bosco, Navajeevan, who have been selflessly working for the welfare of the children.

It was a well organized camp for which the medical crew rendered service so happily. There were different stall for the checkups like, Measurement of pulse, blood pressure, Height & Weight, Blood sugar monitoring to screen diabetes, tooth check up and Eye check up. Children and also provide with basic medicine for the various tests and also they are given drinks and fruits energizing themselves.

On behalf of  Don Bosco, Navajeevan  Fr.Sudhakar wishes to convey sincere gratitude to  all partners and supports for their generous contribution by way of  medical supplies and finances to support the organization of this philanthropic event. The success of the medical camp is highly attributed to the active involvement and participation of  Manav-Mitra and Lions club members who believes that everything is possible with a bit persistence and strong will.