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Our Past Memories Reenergize our Present and Future

Ramanthapur Aug. 17: Annual reunion of past pupils of Don Bosco Navajeevan, Hyderabad held on 16th August 2015 coinciding, the Bicentenary of the Birth of Don Bosco. 50 past pupils with their presence responded to the invitation.  To grace the occasion we had Master Ritish finalist of the MAA TV Super Singer-8 Competition and Fr Y.Joji Vice-Provincial of the Salesian Province of Hyderabad. Along with them we also invited our present college students, Working Boys and Trainers in Vocational training centre for the animation programme. Altogether we had 120 young men gathered to give fitting tribute to Don Bosco.

At the outset Fr Sudhakar Bellamkonda Director of Don Bosco Navajeevan Homes in Twin Cities welcomed guests of the day, namely, Fr Joji, Vice Provincial and Master Ritish for being part of this historical gathering on the occasion of the 200th Birth Anniversary of Don Bosco. He also said that we are eye-witness of this memorable celebration. To mark the occasion the Bicentenary of the Birth of Don Bosco we have started home for girls who are in need of care an protection, we are also taking up the CHILD LINE – UPPAL, Ranga Reddy District to rescue children and to give them required support and care. We also opened Bicentenary Recreation Hall at our Nampally branch. 

Master Ritish who is past pupil of St Patricks School, Secunderabad run by Jesuits gave a tribute to Don Bosco though his melodious singing for about two hours. All the youngsters were enthused and added choreography while he was singing. The guests were honoured by the past pupils and by the Institution. In his short message he said that make use of every opportunity that is given to you. Lost opportunities will never come back. He also said that be realistic and accept who you are and what you are.

Don Bosco Navajeevan has given a place and platform for many youngsters once who were directionless and aimless had dim future in life are now shining and bubbling with full of life and joy. It is all because of the opportunities provided at Don Bosco Navajeevan homes in Twin Cities as per their interest and like.

Fr.Joji the Vice-Provincial and chief guest of the day and who himself was here some years ago and whose students lives are seen now as great success stories in the annals of the Navajeevan. He  gave an inspiring message to the youth saying “Your life will change when you are with Don Bosco”, be grateful to all your mentors and especially to  Don Bosco  because of whom now you are all carrying the victorious stories of life. Today we are able to gather as one family because Don Bosco was born on this day 200yrs ago. He is our centre and uniting personality.

After lunch Fr TD John animated the group with the inspiring and motivating thoughts from the book “The Teenage Brain”. He has developed the idea from three F’s Flight, Fight and Freeze. We had some inputs on how we function in life and how we can change our lives and live more meaningfully. We had discussions about how our mind functions. We spoke of the part of our mind called the ‘reptilian brain’ whose sole purpose is to keep us safe. It does all the FIGHT or FLIGHT stuff and, in extreme circumstances, it can switch off the rest of our brain, or FREEZE.

When there is danger, such as when we are facing a wild animal or a threatening gang, our reptilian brain will take over. There will be an immediate adrenaline rush that pumps energy to our muscles. The reptilian brain will give us two choices: Fight or Flight. Seeing the danger we may run like hell. Our reptilian brain makes sure we are able to run faster and further than we’ve ever run before. Actually we will be running without noticing what we had come for. In other situations the reptilian brain helps us to fight back. If the danger is overwhelming, the entire brain may be shut out or we FREEZE.

After the animation we had excusive meeting with the past pupils where we made major decisions, namely, To organize past pupils meeting on 31st January 2016 by then to help the those students who are jobless and those who require any short term training. Another major decision was to locate the past pupils who are in the rural areas and not well settled and bring them for the next past pupils meeting and to give them guidance. Director also assured that he was willing to support to any extend to help the past pupils who require our support and medical assistance. To make more success next past pupils meeting the committee was reorganized Mr Vishnu (President) Mr Ramesh (Deputy) Mr Rajesh, Mr Krishnamurty, Mr. Michael, Mr. Mohan and Mr. Kishore. In the evening they have organised football match with present pupils during which they enjoyed playing.