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JAIHIND: Echoed in all DBNJ Homes on 69 Independence Day

Ramanthapur, 16 August 2015: It was indeed very wonderful day for Don Bosco Navajeevan homes in Twin Cities, as we mark the glorious 69 Independence Day of our motherland India. The children and staff of respective homes assembled on early hours of the day to honour our country by hoisting the tricolour flag. Fr Sudhakar Bellamkonda Director, Fr Philip, Asst. Director and Mr Madhu Mohan Reddy, CI of Nampally unfurled the flag at New Bhoiguda, Ramanthapur and Nampally respectively.

Fr Sudhakar Bellamkonda Director while giving his message to the students recalled the sacrifices of the great leaders of our nation and along with them our own ancestors too sacrificed their lives to us to give us free India. He called upon them saying that now it is our duty and responsibility to protect our motherland from external forces. He also said that we are still fighting for a true freedom especially from the HUMAN RIGHTS perspective. Though India is developing rapidly in Technology, but we need to develop to respective one another and concern for the poor and needy. Our Students participated in the Dance competitions organized by YOUTH ALIVE on the theme “1 Day Mataram” on 15th August. End of the day they stood in first place and received the trophy. 

Fr. Phillp the Asst. Director gave inspiring message to the gathering. He said that the wealth of our country is “Unity in Diversity”. There is a lot of richness in our traditions, cultures, languages and religions. We have emerged as one of the world’s largest democracy and economy. We have achieved success in green revolution, telecom industry and space Technology and now we are emerging power in IT sector. It was very sad to miss our late president Dr. Abdul Kalam the great personality of our nation.  Our mother India gave birth to, many great souls though they are no more but still they live in spirit.

Mr Madhu Mohan Reddy CI of Nampally gave thought provoking message to children. He said that we are enjoying freedom from past 69 years. It is all because of the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives and became martyrs. He called upon them to follow the footsteps of our brave soldiers. He encouraged the boys to make use of the facilities offered by Don Bosco homes and to have better future. He gave the life example of late Mr. Abdul Kalam who through his hard work and disciplined life reached goals that he has self imposed and today he is inspiration to thousands of people.

It was a spectacular part of day’s celebrations. Our school going children 50 of them played key roles in putting up of the show of the day in the ZPHS School of Ramanthapur.  Whole crowed applauded for the performances of the children through the dances and band for the march fast.  Our students with outstanding results were awarded mementos, Chief Guest and guests of honour spoke in high appreciation of the performances of the students.

Amazing part of the day took place here,  a group of 30  youngsters  from STREET CAUSE MOVEMENT came  to our premises with marvellous idea of Green Revolution. They arrived in the afternoon and had interaction with children, motivated them need for the Green Revolution and usefulness of the plants in our life. In two hours of time they together with the children filled our campus with number of plants including shading giving, creepers, hedges and many other plants. 

After plantation they also conducted the games and gave away the eye-catching prizes for the winner of various competitions and distributed the sweets to all. Green Revolution, Pageant music of band pieces, dances and heart touching songs and evoking up slogans were the culmination of the day