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Fr Philip joins 60+ club

Hyderabad, Feb. 12: We the community of Don Bosco Rehabilitation Centre, Ramanthapur celebrated on 11th February 2015 sastipurthi i.e., 60th Birthday of Fr. V.T. Philip. The celebrations began during the morning assembly, where petals of flowers showered upon him from the roof tops while the birthday songs and music were played. Children and staff one by one came personally to wish him and get his blessing as the good Lord gave him 60 years of healthy life that he is enjoying.

In the morning while addressing during the assembly Fr Sudhakar Bellamkonda, Director thanked Fr Philip for all the services that he rendering to our community. He also thanked him for his availability and willing to share responsibilities. Fr. Philip remembered fondly his dad taught him to be a discipline child and also his own early superior who were his formators.

In the presence of many Salesians, Salesian family members, priests, religious, staff and students, in an open area and the celebration began with a entrance dance. Thanksgiving Eucharist celebrated by Fr V.T. Philip for the sixty unforgettable years of life that the Lord has gifted to him. Fr Thomas Santiago, Director of Bosco Seva Kendra, preached during the Mass and spoke about, life as gift of God and the best way giving back to Him is remain as his disciple and serve him and that is what Fr Philip had done and continue do it even today. Fr. Gnanam with his melodious choir sang during the Mass.

After the praise and thanking the colour programme was organized by the brothers. Dance drama was highlight progamme. Children of Ramanthapur put up half an hour long programme. It was creative. Children from other centres, New Bhoiguda and Nampally also thanked Fr Philip through their dances. During the programme Fr Philip felicitated by the Salesian Community, Children, Staff, Dear ones and well wishers.

In the words of Fr Philip “It was the day of all surprises”, brothers and fathers planned the day with lot of attention and made it memorable one. It is indeed a memorable day.