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Annual Provincial Visitation

Ramanthapur April 12: It was indeed a blessed day for the community to welcome the provincial on 12th April 2017 for the annual provincial visitation to Don Bosco Navajeevan  Ramanthapur. All though it was scorching heat enough for the boys to hide themselves under the shade but still with reverential love, staff and students waited at the entrance of the house with cheerful hearts and fragrant bouquets to welcome the provincial. Once again the blasts of the trumpets echoed in the campus with joy in welcoming the provincial Fr. Vijay Bhaskar.  He was taken up by the loving gestures and grand welcome by children.  Children felt at ease with him as the handed and wrapped themselves around him as kit and kin would do.

Fr. Provincial called for the house assembly to chalk out the timetable of the visitation. An article 49 from the constitution was read “To live and work together for is fundamental requirement of the community”.  He talked about the requirements of an ideal community, necessity of self sacrifices and obedience. He added that we have no perfect communities as such but we are all here to build up the communities with love and understanding having only Jesus as the center of our mission.

Provincial spent a good chunk of time with each confrere, children and staff to understand the situation of the house and for the future course of action for its development. In the evening he had a chit chat with children during the time of recreation in which children really surprised to experience a father and friend in him, moreover his concern and preoccupation for their wellbeing.

Day two full of celebrations namely, birthday of Cl. Mahesh, and on this same day we celebrate the International Street Children’s day and other reason is felicitate Provincial for his Annual Canonical visit.

We had animated Holy Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Provincial with meaningful homily for the children. During the assembly once again there was welcome to Fr. Provincial by the staff and birthday wishes to Mahesh. While addressing the assembly he said, that, being the international street children’s day  let us realize that we may be lacking wealth and   opportunities but we should not lack self determination to achieve what we dream. 

Before lunch Fr. Provincial accompanied by Fr. Rector went to visit Bhoiguda home, where he met the staff and students separately and got know their opinions on different activities of the house.

In the evening we had family get together in a salesian style being the birthday of Br. Mahesh and for the presence of Fr. Provincial. Boys showcased all their talents in the cultural programs to the best of their abilities. Fr. Sudhakar, the Rector of the house in his welcome speech thanked provincial for his thoughtfulness towards our institute and timely visits, whenever the need arose. After the felicitation by the community Fr. Provincial congratulated every one and acknowledged that Don Bosco Navajeevan had contributed in many ways to province in times of need.

Celebration came to conclusion with grand supper after which in a short house assembly around the Provincial He urged community with some recommendations like asking the community to be united with mutual understanding and asked the community build a trust of the children and to take care of them.