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BE BOLD FOR CHANGE: Women’s Day 2017

New Bhoiguda, March 9: It was an unforgettable day for the women of Mudfort slum, Secunderabad. It was on 8th March 2017 International women’s day celebration were organized at Mudfort slum, Secunderabad by the women staff of Don Bosco Navajeevan, New Bhoigdua and Nampally

It was unique day because for the first time women of slum had such meaningful celebration and it was amazing to see all the women of slum coming together to take part in the competitions planned for them. Some of the party games that normally organized for the children were this time organized for the women and they took part actively, game such as, lemon with spoon race, passing ball, and running race for the women of the slum.  Women of all ages took part in the competitions with lot of interest and in a sportive spirit.

After the competitions all them were gather in common place and shared some information about the women’s day and its uniqueness. They were also given some information about their rights and some laws that protect their dignity. They were also informed and had some discussion about the theme of women’s day 2017 “BE BOLD FOR CHANGE”. Mrs. Sahaya Rani explained them with some examples of our great women leaders who achieved awards. Like St. Mother Teresa Kolkotta, the Noble Peace Prize winner. Indira Gandhi she was brave women and served India as Prime Minister for 15 years and Kalpana Chawla was an Indian American Astronaut and the first women of Indian origin to go to space, and also about Sania Mirza is an Indian professional tennis player who was formerly ranked No.1 in the women’s doubles.

Women’s Day is also known as the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. Supporting women’s equal rights and economic empowerment, particularly in this changing work environment. Though in the beginning women were feeling shy to take part in the competitions and programmes but as the time passed the women were active for our surprise the went up to 1.30 in the afternoon against the original of plan of closing at 12.00 noon.

Before the conclusion of the programme there were distributed prizes for the winners and shared snacks for all the women and children. They were extremely happy with the programme and some of the women expressed to our staff to organize such programmes periodically. It was emotional departure for both the women of slum and staff.

We were also happy that one of the area leader by name Mr. Utharai came forward to help us to have proper shelter for the children who attend day care tuition centre organized by Don Bosco Navajeevan. The whole programme was coordinated by Mrs. Sahaya Rani Programme Manager in collaboration with Ms Shobha, slum teacher.

Similary on the same day we also had programs organized for the women staff of Don Bosco Rehabilitation Centre, Ramanthapur and also our girls home Don Bosco Prem Seva Sadan, Hayathnagar.