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Don Bosco is a gift to Disadvantaged Youth of the world

Nampally & Ramanthapur Feb. 01: The name of Don Bosco is the energizing word and chanting “mantra” for every one in Don Bosco Navajeevan. Community together with staff and children have payed homage to DON BSCO on 31st January 2017.

For the feast of Don Bosco a month long preparations were carried on both spiritually as well as materially. Few such things to enumerate are – Devotion to Don Bosco in the form of prayers services, weekly animated competitions and daily games competitions among the various groups that are divided for these competitions. .

 Being the feast day whole community, took part in the animated Holy Eucharistic celebrations, during which Fr. Gnanam, Vice Rector of the enumerated the life history of our father and founder Don Bosco, the passionate love he showed to the most disadvantaged youth of society till the end of life.

After the Mass lightening tournament was conducted for the boys, who rolled up their sleeves and trousers challenging one another in a positive spirit. Being the morning hours of the day after the game every one drenched in the sea of sweat which lead them to quench their thirst like the dear looking for oasis in the desert. 

In the evening after the dusk there was Bosco academy as an honor to Don Bosco, during which everyone took part in one or the other items including our staff and volunteers. A short play about the Life of Don Bosco enacted by the boys stood as an highlight among all the programs. Fr. Bellamkonda Sudhakar the Director of the house handed over the prizes to the winners of various competitions of Bosco Month. A month- long preparations reached happy climax with the song “We thank you O Lord for Don Bosco”.

This year feast of Don Bosco was solemnized on 29th January 2017 in our home at Nampally. Since we had many celebrations at Don Bosco, Ramanthapur as a community we decided to have at Don Bosco Nampally. We had Fr. Michael Kishore, Rector of Don Bosco Philosophate, Karunapuram as the main celebrant and chief guest.  We have invited all our local donors for the programme. Children of the home paid homage to Don Bosco through well prepared short cultural programme.

We the thank Fr. Ch. Joseph, Parish priest of St. Antony’s Parish, Bazarghat who permitted us to have spiritual celebrations on a Sunday in our campus. He was present for the programme.